Thursday, March 09, 2006


Tenzin has been walking SO much, today he was walking back and forth between Tai and I. When he's close he just does a dive! He is so cute!
He had his first major fever, he was on his third night last night. We're going to the Doc tomorrow to see if it's an ear infection, he has been hitting his right ear, so it makes sense. Or, it could be another tooth, I remember he pulled his ears when he was teething since it's hard to know where the pain is coming from. poor little monkey, it's hard to see him unwell. He needs a lot of snuggles. We're getting close to the big 1! I can hardly wait! My mum will be here in 5 days! Tai went diving for lobster and caught two! I guess we're going to have company over for dinner tomorrow!