Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby Shoes

No need to hide (them) in the closet any longer! I am fully admitting to my baby shoe addiction/obsession. "Hello, my name is Keri. I'm a baby shoe addict. I have been addicted to baby shoes for about 20 years, possibly longer."
It's just that they are so cute, and perfect and they are made for babies feet, which are also so cute and perfect! What is not to love?

Myla's first walking shoes

My first shoes

My Grandmother's shoes (worn by Myla. That's a whole other post!)

Mini flip flops picked out by Tenzin for Myla before she was born.

A few old handmade shoes... there have been since many more.

Some unusual ones

Made in Italy is always good. (or any foreign baby shoes for that matter) Vintage doesn't hurt either.... just saying...

Some current faves

A shoe drawer, and favorite place for Myla to play

These shoes are ready to (GASP!) find new homes.

So I do get rid of some baby shoes.
Isn't that the first baby step of the 12 step baby shoe addict program?