Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Guess I have to resort to second hand photos since I lost my camera.... A new one is on the way thanks to Grammy Bee!
Tomorrow we will make "Lussekatter" or Swedish saffron buns. St. Lucia day (Dec.13) starts off Sweden's Christmas season. Girls in white gowns with candles on their heads (or electric lights for safety) wake everyone up by singing and bringing hot buns, and tea to you in bed. It was a pretty nice way to wake up as I remember! Saffron buns are YUMMA!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Summer Child

Tenzin has been having a blast of a summer. He is loving spending time with his friends, picking berries and playing at the beach. Here are some pictures with him and Paolo and Mateo, and with Sam and Hazel. We only have 4 days of summer program left, and then we are ON VACATION!!!
We will be taking a little road trip to Canada to visit family, and will stop in Vancouver and head to the Kootenays for some hot spring time too. We are in serious need of vacation!
It will be really great for Tenzin to see his family that doesn't make it down our way.
Vashon has the best summers I have seen. The weather is so perfect. We have been eating dinner at the beach almost every night. It's been a sweet summer so far!
Tenzin has been really funny. He is talking a LOT! Today we were sitting out in front of a coffee shop and he pointed to an old classic convertible car and said "What's that Mamma?" I told him it was a really cool old car.
Then another car stopped and Tenzin said "Is that a cold car Mamma?"
He also says things like "I want more puffins mamma, not granola, just puffins"
Things are getting pretty detailed around here. He is also doing a fine job of being a two year old.
(wanting to do everything by himself, like wiping and getting buckled in a car seat.... whew...)
There is almost TOO much entertainment around here these days.
I'm loving it.
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