Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pumpkin Pie

We made it though our move, and are enjoying the beautiful autumn in Canada. Tenzin is having heaps of fun going to farms to pick apples, seeing animals and going on train rides. Playing in the leaves is a new experience, and we are loving it!!!
We didn't even know it, but we came just in time for Canadian thanksgiving!
Tai is in Seattle, and just bought a van today. Our shipping container came in, and all the stuff has been moved to the house. It's a good thing Tai is there by himself, because with Tenzin everything would take at least twice as long : )
Tai said the house is beautiful, and we can't wait to see it!!!
Mum is driving Tenzin and I down on Thursday. We're going to try to leave really early.
It was great for Tenzin to spend some time with his Canadian family, and we hope we will get to see everyone else soon too. Finally we will have an extra room for guests!
Tenzin is talking like crazy, and is adding new words daily.
He is taking the move pretty well, but is needing extra snuggle time.
We send our love to all of you.
Keri and Tenzin*