Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Sweet Boy


We were suppose to have our first open house yesterday... Everything was looking great and ready to go. Then our power went out... I had just put olive oil in my hair, and had just jumped in the shower. This is pretty much a nightmare situation for me now.
Our house was so cold we didn't know what to do with ourselves. We decided to put up a sign and go for breakfast. (with a hat on) Then we decided to go to the city because we had nothing to do, and no where to go. We just went to warm places walked aimlessly in malls and had sushi. I kept calling to find out if our power was back. When we couldn't get a hold of anyone to stay with in Seattle, and after we were absolutely exhausted we decided we better just head home. When we got home at 9:55 our power had just come back on. It was good timing, but the rest of the day.. hum....
the day after I talked to a few of the people that I thought might come, and one of my friends told me that she came and thinks a lot of people showed up. (probably because they had nothing to do either) Hopefully they come back on Saturday. I just couldn't bare the thought of trying to welcome people into my frozen house with my oily hair. yikes.
The real reason I am writing my blog right now is because tonight is suppose to go hurricane style, and gusts of wind could be up to 75 mph..... the worst in a long time.
There are trees all over this island, so the chances of the power going out again are good. We are filling our bathtubs, finding our candles and lights and most importantly taking showers.
Not looking forward to it, since all we have for heat is a little fire place, that is really for looks, and doesn't put out much heat. I guess we could all huddle around it...
It's raining pretty hard now, but the high wind warnings are suppose to start this afternoon, and continue until tomorrow afternoon. I really hope we have power for our next open house.

I'll put up some pictures of Tenzin to cheer me up.

Lots of love to you all,
Talk to you soon.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cousin Koral & The Kissing Shark

Tenzin was a little kissing shark for Halloween. He was a little unsure about people wearing masks (see the last picture) We went to town, which is what everyone here does. It was the coldest day we have had here, so we couldn't walk around much. We ended up going out for pizza and watching all the children in costume walk by. Tenzin was much happier seeing them from a distance.
Things are going well for us here, and we continue to meet all kinds of wonderful people. There is a lot of support here, which is really good! We will be having a meditation group in our house every Monday now. The house is perfect for it. Now all we have to do is teach Tenzin to sit quietly for an hour and a half! : )
Tenzin understands so much now, and is communicating quite well. He has learned to nod his head for yes, and answers questions with a nod or a shake.
He is also starting to use his imagination. This morning he lined up 6 blocks in a row and said "BUS!" It's so amazing to watch.
We're closing in on 20 months now, is it possible?! Tenzin's cousin Koral is 6 months already, and is eating now. It happens too fast! Here is a picture of Koral- The sweetest little girl we know! We are so happy we got to see her, even though it wasn't long enough... We are hoping that they will move to the Vancouver area and then we'll get to see them more often.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Ulla got her Vash- ON!!

Don't ask me what this means, one of my forum friends said that I remind her of a commercial. I said "I don't have a TV, but it sounds good!" We both have 19 month olds, and talk toddler story. It's a blast I have to say! Tenzin is in a very delightful age. Demanding, but delightful!
He likes to say "MAMMA" 500 times in a row. He also does seriously cute things- ok, we were in a yarn shop and in the kids toy box was a stethoscope, so I put it in his ears, and on my heart- guess what he does???
He starts to Dance! This little guy cracks me up!
He just got a cold today : (
So- Things are going well for us I think. We are slowly but surely getting things together, and we believe that it can be done. Honestly, if you want to ask my opinion, I would advise against moving or starting a business, or anything that takes a lot of time when you have a toddler. The thing is, when considering things like when to have a baby, or start a business, or have a second baby, please remember the wise words from Dr. Hochwald "It's never a good time" It always makes me feel better : )
Sometimes you just have to jump in. This all feels a little crazy at times, but we're doing it for Tenzin. He's happy to have his Mamma and his Pappa around all the time. It feels like the right thing. Truthfully, Tenzin could easily be both of our full time jobs!
Tai just went and picked up a bunch of free stuff I "won" on craigsist. a table and chairs, new futon and frame, and a beautiful IKEA coffee table I have always wanted. such a score!
You have to love Washinton and all of it's friendly people always giving away free stuff. We also have the best thrift store in the whole world on this island. Good thrift store comes right behind nice people in what to look for in a town! I've found roving, amazing toys (just found Tenzin a little wooden radio flyer bike!) Tai has found something for each of his hobbies, which has turned him into a granny's addict as well. A pair of scuba pro fins, K2 bindings, and a whole bag of warhammer models -YES! (you know how excited I was!) They are only open 3 days a week, and it really is the community center. All the kids are playing in the toy section, everyone is standing around chatting. Also, I guess it's really the only store that has normal stuff. Pretty much there is grocery stores, and hardware stores, and a few specialty stores. If you want a shelf, it's the only place to go.
So here are some pics of our house, and the beautiful (albeit different) Beaches and Sunsets.
Thanks for taking time to read my blog. Good night.

First Autumn For Tenzin

Here's Tenzin taking Nana Joy's bus for a spin! We had a great time in Canada and spent lots of time outdoors enjoy the BEAUTIFUL Autumn weather. Tenzin also had his first pony ride, and dispite the picture- he really loved it. We picked apples, played in the pumpkins, threw leaves, and had a smashing time!
Thanks to all the grandparents for the fun trip!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pumpkin Pie

We made it though our move, and are enjoying the beautiful autumn in Canada. Tenzin is having heaps of fun going to farms to pick apples, seeing animals and going on train rides. Playing in the leaves is a new experience, and we are loving it!!!
We didn't even know it, but we came just in time for Canadian thanksgiving!
Tai is in Seattle, and just bought a van today. Our shipping container came in, and all the stuff has been moved to the house. It's a good thing Tai is there by himself, because with Tenzin everything would take at least twice as long : )
Tai said the house is beautiful, and we can't wait to see it!!!
Mum is driving Tenzin and I down on Thursday. We're going to try to leave really early.
It was great for Tenzin to spend some time with his Canadian family, and we hope we will get to see everyone else soon too. Finally we will have an extra room for guests!
Tenzin is talking like crazy, and is adding new words daily.
He is taking the move pretty well, but is needing extra snuggle time.
We send our love to all of you.
Keri and Tenzin*

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Arrrr, the pirate party! It was a lot of fun it was! We be diggin' for buried treasure, and drinkin' grogg we be. Ok, I'm not very good at speaking pirate.... Today is actually international talk like a pirate day. Of course our friends went nuts with it and had a flag, buried treasure, and even down to pirate panties! We had a great party, although a little sad since it was our last party with our friends.... We want to thank all the people in these pictures for making Hawaii awesome. You were truly extended family, and the best aunties and uncles Tenzin could ask for. You witnessed a round belly transform into a now running and talking little boy! Thanks for always being so good to us. We love you, and will miss you.