Thursday, April 30, 2009

Too tired to blog

As you can clearly see from my previous blog, really tired people shouldn't blog. It's a disaster. There are double photos, titles in wrong places, a mish mash of disconnected photos....
But I'm too tired to fix it.

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Tenzin's Sock Monkey Party

Tenzin's sock monkey party was a blast! With all his favorite monkey friends to make his day extra special! Happy birthday my little monkey!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tenzin is 4!!! It's very hard to realize that my baby boy is 4 already... He's very happy to be 4. He loved his birthday and had SUCH a good one! We have a birthday tradition of putting as many balloons in his room as he is years old. We also put the birthday gifts in his room and set our alarm for 6 to wake him up singing with a candle. (Just like birth with noise and lights) But this year big Mr. 4 year old decided to foil our plan. He usually wakes up at 7:30, so by setting my clock for 6 I thought for sure I'd be up before him. He came in to our room at 5:30. Gifts had ALL been unwrapped. I didn't get to see him open one....
This included the sock monkey that I sewed for him and a sock monkey shirt that I sewed too... Oh well.
He had a fun sock monkey party where we decorated sock "creatures" played some games, had a sock monkey cake and played outside where there were monkeys hiding in the trees. Oh, and there was a bubble machine filling the yard with bubbles.
It was pretty fun!! I would say the party went perfectly, which is kind of hard to imagine. From there we had spring break so we had pop, grandma sue and GG stay with us for a few days, then we went to the city with them for 2 days. Tenzin had a good time swimming at the pool and hanging out with so many people that love to give him attention. Thanks you guys!

Well, cheers to a fabulous 4th year!

Happy Birthday Tenzin! We love you!

Bunny Teeth (almost...)

Myla cut another 2 teeth!! Her top right and left side tooth. JUST like her brother. For a little while it is a funny sight because it looks like they are missing a tooth.
She has been sitting up well for a while now and starting to reach so far forward that she's almost getting over. She really wants to crawl! She laughs and smiles a lot (mostly at her brother) She just had her first visit with her GG and loved riding on her motor chair with her! She pees on the potty just about every time we put her on, which is a lot!! She's very happy with herself!