Thursday, February 23, 2006


Two days ago I said "let's go pick up Pappa" and then Tenzin said "Pappa"
It is his first word!!! Since then he has said it many times at appropriate times. It's so amazing!!
He has said both Mamamamamama and Papapapapa before, but now he is stopping at just the pappa, and really seems to understand it. He will also say it right after you say it. He's getting so big :) & :( at the same time
We have been doing well with our EC (elimination communication) In one day he pooped twice on the potty, and peed twice too. Other days we catch a few, that was an exceptional day. We are doing what the women in Asia do which is make the "shhhhh" sound when you have them over the potty. We just got him a potty chair so it will be a little easier. We have gone the the beach the last few days, and found some really beautiful beaches! Tenzin really loves playing in the sand, but is still tasting it once in a while...
I have started a new business (yesterday :)
I am going to sell things on ebay for other people on consignment. I have been selling my own stuff for a while, and feel ready to do it. There isn't anyone else in Kona, so maybe it will do well. It's called "Kona Coast Trading Post" it's pretty sweet because I can do everything from home while Tenzin's napping- or after Tai gets home- now that's more like it.
I have my page up, now I just need to advertise. I find it fun actually, so it should be an ok job. I can't belive February is almost over... I really need to start some serious planning for the two big birthday's coming up. Tai will be 30, and Tenzin will be 1!!!!!!

Better get on with my day.
Lots of love,

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Beach Baby

Tenzin is already picking up girls at the beach....

Tenzin's Day

Monday, February 13, 2006

Chinese New Year

We went to the Chinese New Year Festival, Tenzin wore his most wonderful little Chinese outfit sent to him by his Auntie Leslie while she was living in Taiwan. We were tempted to enter him in the children's fashion show that was only for those dressed in Chinese Clothes, but by the time we got there they were already on the eight year olds- maybe next year. Tenzin LOVED the dragon dance, and the drumming that went along with it.

Throws like a girl....Please cast your vote

We were doing our usual weekend avocado hunting, and while trying to hit down an avo with a pit Tai starts laughing at me and saying "you throw like a girl!" He usually wouldn't make such comments, but he was feeling annoyed that I said I would get the avocados today. Well, I usually wouldn't do anything like this, but here it is. A picture of both of us throwing. Now who throws more like a girl? Please cast your votes in the comments section. PS- no one got any avocados....

Thursday, February 09, 2006


It is a VERY blustery morning, my laundry and prayer flags are all twisted up in knots.
The other day Katie and I were garage sailing and I told Katie we should stock up on provisions, perhaps a hurricane was coming. I asked an old local if she thought a hurricane was coming and she said "NO, heavens no!!" so it's not as dramatic as I had imagined.
Tenzin got his first pet! It's a candy cane shrimp named Jumbo (what else would you name a shrimp?) . He has red and white stripes and big eyes. He's pretty cute. We'll get more in the aquarium as more creatures end up in the filter at Tai's work.
I quit my job taking care of Xavier- it's too bad, I really wanted it to work out, Tenzin just needs so much of my attention right now, I felt like I was ripping them both off a little bit. It's hard when you have a job involving children, because you get attached to them, it becomes very personal, it's hard to end it because it's like you are ending a friendship. I am sad in a way, but I also know that I need to do what I feel is best for my child, it will come up again and again in life.
Tenzin has been amazing lately. He copies games, like if I am playing peekaboo from behind a corner, he will go and do the same thing. He is also scaling vertical surfaces which is making me a little nervous...
He still loves anything with wheels, and his favorite game is to push this wooden train of wheels around making a "brrrrrmmmmmmmm" sound. Right now he's found the mirror and is just admiring his cute self.
These are the days.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ready..... Set.....

Tenzin Is ready to take off... He is free standing now, and is getting pretty confident. Here are some pics from my Birthday at the park with Tenzin. A pic with Tenzin and his friend Xavier, and Tenzin standing. He turned 10 months yesterday!!!
2 months until his birthday!!! You are all invited to join us April fourth for the big first Luau party!!!
Lots of love,