Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Today I am 27. I always thought I would start having children at 27. Well, since we've already taken care of that... Now what? I guess Tenzin is definitely ready for a sibling.
My birthday was wonderful. Mark and Leslie came down last weekend with a cheesecake and we had a little celebration. We just putzed about on Vashon, and Tenzin had a great time with them. He was really sad to see them go. He said
"Uncle, Auntie, Bye-Bye?" The weather has been so beautiful! It seems like spring here. Today we took the passenger ferry to downtown Seattle, had all you can eat sushi, got some sweaters for teaching and walked though the new sculpture park. I WISH I had my camera! Standing in one place we could see Mt. Rainier, the cascades, the moon, the sun, the space needle, the ocean and all of these huge modern sculptures. It was just amazing.
Our little school is coming along, besides the impetigo exposure.... THINGS ARE GOING GREAT! If there is another big storm coming in February, please don't tell me about it.
I am doing drop in right now and have a lot of interest from parents of 2 year olds. I am being flexible, and it would be great to move along with Tenzin's age. I will be accepting 2.5 yr olds for our summer program, and 3 or almost 3's in the fall, so the children that join us now can just keep going.
Generally life is good, I have had a great 27 years. I feel that I have created a good life, and feel like I'm following my dreams. What more can you ask for?
27 sounds good as well.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tenzin drawing an egg. We have been chicken sitting, and everything is about the chickens and the eggs. Ok, and there are trucks of course.

Tenzin stole these glasses from me when he was just a baby. He thinks they look better on him.

Tenzin on the ferry, in the snow by our pond (we have lots of snow now!) and taking care of a baby. He just said his name this morning. "Ten-Ten"

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Thank you to everyone for making our Christmas so wonderful this year! It may take me a little while to get thank you cards out this year....
Tenzin had such a good time in California and loved spending time with his grandparents. As expected he was spoiled sweetly!

We love you all very much!
Tenzin Kai, Keri and Tai

No Man

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy 2007!

Tenzin had his first flu for new years....
Being the little trouper that he is he got up for a cheers with ginger ale and watched the fireworks from our bedroom. He hasn't missed a new years yet!
The big celebration here is that he got his last tooth!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!
Teething is over!!!
He won't get any more teeth until he's 6. He has been teething hard core since he was 3 months old, so this is means for a party!!
2007 already? This means that soon I will be 27 and Tenzin will be 2!!!! I can't believe it!
We will be having another open house this weekend for our school, and will start doing drop in until we get more enrollment (which may not be until this fall) Without the open house it's hard to say what will happen. Everyone seems really excited about it though, which is great.
I will let you know how it goes.

Wishing you all happiness in 2007.

Lots of Love,