Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tenzin feeding our new hunny bunny Ruby dandelions.
Tenzin has been weaned. It was a little sad for both of us. He isn't a baby anymore....
I made him this baby as a weaning present. Baby Kai is his name! (look like anyone?) Tenzin loves him and now they do everything together- get into their jammies, and go for motorcycle rides! Tenzin understood when I told him that babies need milk, and now that he's almost 2 he doesn't need milk anymore. Then he said that baby Kai needed milk. It has been much easier than I expected. Tai turned 31, and like every party we're having this year it involved getting stuffed on sushi. ummm. We went out with Tai's old buddy from college. I am going to make a cake when Grandpa John comes to visit for the 3 Aries boys party!
Our little school is coming along, and we are quickly learning that we can't survive off of drop-in. We need commitment where they pay for the month upfront, and don't get a refund if they don't come. With flus and vacations it's hard to keep our numbers up. We were just going to start out this way, but we now have 12 children enrolled, which is GREAT, now we just need them to come consistently. It will work, which is a big relief. Everyone keeps saying that we're so brave to just move here and try to do this. I guess it was a big leap. Tai will be driving a school bus before and after our preschool hours. It works out great with vacations being the same, and not working too many hours. He can still be here to help me with school too. It will help us get out of a bit of our debt. We decided that we can get pregnant again once we're out of debt. Hopefully it won't take too long... Tenzin needs a brother or sister soon.
Tenzin's birthday party is only a week and two days away.... yikes. I couldn't possibly have a small party, so there will be 36+ people here. whew. I said I wouldn't do it again, and here we go! It will be a Japanese party, and it is at 2, so it will be mostly just snacks and drinks. We can survive. My mom, sister and brother will be flying back from Hawaii just in time. Tenzin will be so happy to see them! I talked to Mick today and he said ask Tenzin if he wants me to bring him a gecko. Tenzin said "uncle firetruck shoes!" at least he knows what he wants. Where did that come from?!
This is the BEST age, he says the funniest things. He gets these crazy ideas, and is getting so creative. He's also unbelievably smart for his age. (of course I think that : ) but, it's true.
I should get to bed. I will post more pics soon.
Lots of love out,

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Whew.... That's all I have to say.
It has been a while. Our whole house has been sick, Tai and Tenzin had the flu, and I have been hanging on with only minor symptoms. All of our preschool children have been sick too, so it has been a rough week. We had another open house, which went great despise me being a little sick and running it entirely on my own. It was our biggest yet, and I met so many wonderful and interested families. We are getting excited for Tenzin's party, which is only 27 days away! It is hard to believe that my baby will be 2... He is really amazing right now, he makes us laugh all the time! He is getting an imagination, which is SO incredible to watch. His toast turns into a dragon, and he has plans of catching a very big frog that lives outside! His vocabulary grows everyday, and everyday he tries new skateboard tricks. He has a thing for skateboards. Whenever we see a boy riding one he says "Tenzin's turn!" he turned a Popsicle stick and a wooden wheel into a board, and took it with him everywhere. Then we found his old boogie board from Hawaii and he has been riding it off beds, down couches (from a windowsill! yikes!) and wanting to ride it down the stairs. (luckily there is a gate!)
Did I mention that I found a gray hair the other day?!
The good news is- Spring is here! We have cherry blossoms out our window!

School tomorrow, better get to bed.
If you are reading this you are invited to Tenzin's party. It will be on March 31st at 2:00.

Lots of love,