Sunday, April 30, 2006

Today Tenzin said "pappa" while taking a nap, I thought he must be waking up, but he was just dreaming... So cute! (he talks in his sleep like his mamma) Tonight we went to the beach for a picnic dinner. It is getting harder to go out for dinner.. Usually we just pick up sushi and go down to this grassy park so Tenzin can run around. He eats sushi now, avocado roll of course. He loves nori and eats it straight just like us. He's just the best little guy ever- how could you ever love anything this much?

One Year

Tenzin is one year old now. It is a bitter sweet thing really. One year goes by so fast! Last night was organizing his old baby clothes. It seemed not that long ago he fit those tiny clothes. It just happens too fast. Now he's running around in overalls getting into just about everything! His first birthday party was lot of fun. The best part was the giant bubbles as far as Tenzin was concerned. We made leis, colored, drank from coconut cups and played. It was the biggest party I ever attemted to throw. We had company here for month and a half, which is why I haven't been doing my blog. Now I need to throw it all in one big mish mash- So here's the pictures from the last month. The birthday pics will be coming soon thanks to Auntie Les that took all the photos for the party (THANK GOODNESS!) Tai and I were too busy to take photos....
A little Tenzin update: He went on his first "hike" he did the hiking instead of riding on pappa's back. He wanted to hold both of our hands most of the time. He eats almost anything now, he has discovered peanut butter, and loves it. He also loves his organic cheese, and still likes avocado, fruit, oatmeal, and plain yogurt.
He goes to the potty a lot, and does most of his pooping on the potty. Yeah!
He lives for being outside, he cries to go outside, and then he cries when we come back inside again... We need a bigger yard- with a fence!
He is working on getting his first molar, it has been a doozy! poor hunny. it wakes him up about every hour at night, I have bags under my eyes.
We are going to California in a week, and I am SO excited, I haven't been this excited for a trip in a long time. Maybe it's because I know Tenzin will have a ball. We are going to Visit Tai's family in Nevada City, and up to Lake Tahoe for a long weekend. Tenzin and I will get to meet Tai's grammy for the first time.
I'm not looking forward to the plane ride with my little active one however...
He doesn't do "contained" I will think positively.
I read that 18% of parents polled admitted to drugging their children to sleep for plane trips. hum.
I will try to write again when we get back from California. Lots of love to you all!