Saturday, January 01, 2011


It appears that facebook has taken over. It's so much easier to upload photos there... so my poor blog hasn't received much attention since then I realize.
I was about to update photos, but honestly... where to start? It's been almost 2 year since I consistently uploaded photos on here... I feel awful.
I think I will attempt to write here more often, and make a scrapbook (even if it's the online kind) every year. Better get cracking on that!!

We just had a very lovely Christmas at home. Barbara and Richard came over on Christmas day when we were done opening gifts. The kids were truly spoiled. I made Tenzin a hobby donkey (because he asked for a wool donkey) and sewed a new stroller seat for Myla's doll stroller. Tenzin got a few lego sets, a science set, a CD player, loads of books, a magazine subscription... the list goes on. Myla got a lot of new wood play toys for her kitchen. She loves them. More books, slippers, Tenzin gave her a cardboard playhouse. I got a serger! It's wonderful! Tai got me some sewing magazines, AND I got a bubbly water machine! SO exciting! Tai got the nook color, and he is very happy about it!
We had our famous Swedish smorgasbord Christmas eve dinner (a few nights in a row)
We went up to find a little snow for Tenzin to do a little sledding. We will still have to go again, there wasn't much. We have spent two weeks mostly just at home enjoying Christmas music, decorating, baking... All my favorite things.
It was a very fun and cozy family Christmas.

The kids are growing quick. Myla is becoming less of a baby and more of a little girl everyday. This year I'll have a 3 year old and a 6 year old! I can't believe it!

They are so fun right now, SO busy, but so fun. Tenzin comes up with so many projects everyday. Many are food involved. Today he created roasted chestnut and nutmeg biscuits. Myla is enjoying drawing and reading a LOT.

This year we will have our wedding in Hawaii. It's exciting, but also a little overwhelming.
Last night I had a dream that it was our wedding day and I hadn't planned a thing. I still needed to find a dress and location- everything. Total nightmare!

Anyway, there is a really quick update. I will make good effort to blog more in the new year. The kids are just changing so quickly. It would be nice if they could look back and see this blog someday.

Looking forward to a wonderful 2011!!

It's 2011! I better get caught up with blogging!!!

Oh What a Decade!


* We all survived Y2K

* I move to Maui.
* I meet my Tai on a beach on Halloween.
* I am working as a nanny and watch Bush get elected with the family I am working for. The father in the family is happy. The mother and I are not.


* I turn the legal drinking age for the third time due to excessive moving (Europe /Canada/USA)
* I am on an bike at the gym when I see the trade towers fall on a TV in front of me. I stop pedaling and watch them fall over and over in replays. I can not believe it.
* Tai and I plan our year long trip to Asia


* Trip to Asia- India, Nepal (Annapurna circuit 30 day trek over 186 miles and a pass of 17,769 ft. most amazing travel experience to date. Tai asks me to marry him on the pass. We say we will get married someday) Off to Thailand and Indonesia. I volunteer as a tutor to a monk, teaching English to a school and working in an orphanage.
* We show up to a very quiet Bali after the bombing.


* We move back to Seattle (Fremont) I start teaching and going to school to become a waldorf kindergarten teacher
* Iraq is invaded.


* In June Tai asks me to marry him again in a Sushi restaurant in Seattle. I say Yes and we decide to get married August 2005.
* In July I get pregant and am due April 2005. Hold the dress, please pass the diapers.
* I move back to Maui to teach while Tai goes to Alaska on a short contract as a Fisheries observer. He returns when I’m 4 months pregnant.
* We move to the Big Island of Hawaii so that Tai can get a job in marine biology.


* I give birth to my first baby boy on April 4th- Tenzin Kai. Born at home in Hawaii. He weighs 11lbs 3oz and it just amazing in every way.
* I graduate with baby in tow.
* Bush is sworn in for his second term as president. Seriously America? I’m devastated.


* Tai’s Mom’s house burns down. A major tragedy. We are happy that everyone survived.

* We move to Vashon Island in Washington to be closer to family (no ocean between us)
* We prepare to open a preschool


* We open our preschool- Roots and Wings
* I get pregnant with angel #2
* Senator Barack Obama of Illinois declares his candidacy for President
* Massachusetts becomes the first state to make it legal for same-sex couples to marry.


* Myla Joy is born at a birth center in Seattle. She is perfect, beautiful and only 7lbs13oz.. Our family feels complete.
* Obama becomes the first black President of US. Hope is restored.


* Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States in front of a crowd of more than one million.
* We move to Nevada City, California


* I turn the big 3-0

* My little store Violet Sprout that I have been running on the side for a few years moves to an amazing location in downtown Grass Valley.
* House passes health care bill. We
* We move to Chico, California

And here we are. The new year started out well. Tenzin invented roasted chestnut and nutmeg biscuits.

Wishing everyone a very lovely year!