Friday, February 15, 2008

Thanks to Auntie Leslie for the cool fish eye pic of Tenzin (below) As you can see he is quite a hoot these days!
We have 10 days off, and won't be doing much but catching up with things in the house and preschool. I have been busy with re-enrollment (exciting!)
I'm getting a lot of pressure to let children in, but there are only so many spaces! It's quite stressful actually... I am getting bribed and begged by desperate parents that won't put their children in any other school. Sometimes I wish I had a board or director so that it wouldn't all be on me : ) I guess the fact that our school has rave reviews is a good thing. ALL of our families from this year want to continue next year! I keep hearing that "the word on the street is that your waiting list is so long there is no point getting put on it!" I am also interviewing assistants for next year. That is stressful too.
So, on a good note I am in my second trimester- feeling absolutely fabulous, and have a belly to show off already. I am going to meet a new midwife tomorrow. I hope she is the one I've been looking for, because I don't really want to look any longer. The birth center is in Kirkland, and only minutes away from my Auntie Cathy's house. It will be nice to have somewhere to stay if I think the baby is close. I'm not really down for car birth : )
Tai got a new computer, so now we look like true geeks with side by side computers! He is taking a web design class and really likes it. He also likes having his own thing that isn't the school. He can keep up with things and have something to do next year when he is no longer my assistant. (Besides going to Tibet and building a house!) Well, we hope building a house. Tenzin hopes so too, he keeps saying "Pappa can use a big digger and build a big house!" Tai is already his hero, but a little construction would surely make him even cooler.