Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm almost 2... what's your excuse?

Tenzin has realized that he's almost 2, and he should start acting like it!
The tantrums, the hitting.... let the wild rumpus start!
It seems to have been set off by having other 2 year olds to play with, and although I don't want to blame that, it just kind of gave him a jump start into the wonderful world of 2... whew.
He is more social again and that is the good side of having children around.
He is talking quite a lot and now uses "Thank you" "excuse me" and "sorry" without prompting, and at appropriate times which is quite amazing to me. Today after lunch he said
"Thank you food"
I had to laugh when he said sorry to the broom after I knocked it down.
He is realizing him self, making decisions and having to meet the world. He even fights with himself sometimes.....
Oh the joys!
He is VERY much in to trains right now, and has the sound effects down perfectly. Today we had the mission of going to the library in search of more Choo-Choo books, our selection was getting old.
Our school is coming along fast now, and it seems that I am constantly answering calls and planning to meet people. Seems as though we will be full before long! Yay!
We are open 3 days a week now, and soon to be 4. Suddenly word of mouth has taken off, and it seems that it has been the most effective advertising so far. Our days have been going very smoothly. I sewed aprons for the children and we did our first bread baking day. We have been having a lot of fun, and it's so great for Tenzin to have the children, and the rhythm of the preschool- circle time, activities and story. He happily joins in with everything we do. I will try to take more pictures, Tai and I are both so involved with the children that it's hard.
Here is a picture of Tenzin with some friends on the train that they made!