Thursday, July 27, 2006

10 words

Tenzin can now say 10 words:
Mamma (or Mah)
Yah (he says this with a sigh when he agrees)
Pee Pee
? there's another one.... It's almost 1am.....

Sounds for:

We had an interview today for a job taking care of 17 mo old twin girls, Tenzin is pretty happy about the possibility of having two girls his age to play with! They were born 2 mo. premature, so they should have been born in April too. Tenzin is a giant compared with them, but he was an 11 lb. baby, and they were only 3 lbs each. He was almost 4 times as big!!!! Can you imagine?
They are very sweet, it would be a great match for both of us since they live close, and the mum needs around 16 hrs a week since she works from home. I hope we didn't loose any points when Tenzin threw his maracca and hit the lady between the eyes.... It was pretty bad... I saw it in slow motion. thankfully he kissed her afterwards, whew.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Gathering Place

We just took a little weekend trip to Honolulu. It is amazingly easy to travel with only day packs, a fold up stroller and no carseat. We took the bus, and it was great! We went to China Town right away for breakfast and quickly noticed that we were the only haole's in sight. When we sat down in the court yard everyone stopped talking and looked at us:) We had fun walking around china town, and Tenzin got one of those Russian nesting dolls. He's into containers of all kinds, so he loved this toy. We went shopping, out for all you can eat Sushi, Walked around Waikiki, which is such a different world from the rest of Hawaii. We played at parks and ran around on the beach. We also took Tenzin to the zoo. I'm not really into zoos, but Tenzin really loved it. His favorite part was the monkeys!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Post 51

My 51st post! Here is the sunset from our house last night. It was SO beautiful! We have the best sunsets in the world here, they are better here than any of the other islands we have lived on. I'm pretty sure it's because of the volcano. You are almost guaranteed a beautiful sunset, some are just extraordinary. Tenzin is taking his nap- they have been few and far between these days. I was trying to get him down to one nap a day, and now there have been a few days he'll only nap for 20 min. It's hard because I don't get a lot done, and he's cranky for the rest of the afternoon. Tenzin has been understanding a lot lately. He'll help us clean up his toys, and will go get a certain object when we ask him to. The potty training on the other hand has regressed a little since we went to Maui... Still working on it though. He will always go shi shi on the potty, the other not so much.
Tomorrow we are going to Honolulu, the tickets were super cheap, so we thought we'd go have a little fun in the *big* city.... We'll have all you can eat sushi and go the the aquarium and China town. Everyone always asks me "if you live in Hawaii, where do you go on vacation?" That's pretty much it. Other islands, and home to visit family. It suits us pretty well, it's just nice to get off the island for a little while, even if it's just for the weekend. You always love coming home.

See you when we get back!
Kiss Kiss

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

You're the best because......

1.You can make even grumpy people smile
2.You rush right in without fear or judgement
3.You dance no matter how many people are watching
4.You dance to Mozart, hip hop, or the beat of me mixing eggs
5.You are amazed by all the little things
6.You talk to the geckos in clicks
9.You kiss me in the morning
10. You believe you can do anything, even lift a rock twice your size.
11. You remind me what's important in life

Little skater

We went up to Waimea to play for the day. Tenzin watched some guys skating for a LONG....time.... He loves anything with wheels. We played at the park and ran around in the grass most of the day. It's kind of nice when you have kids how weekends go back to being play time!!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006


Filling Pappa's shoes

Tenzin LOVES shoes. I couldn't believe he could actually walk in Pappa's size 12's!!!!

Shadow Trippin'


Tenzin was amazed at the fireworks on the 4th. Tai was happy to play with fire...

Tenzin's favorite park

"Mah, stop embarrassing me in front of all the other kids!"

Tenzin's first car wash

That's it- we don't have to wash the car for at least 18 years now! It's a good thing we have a waterproof camera!

Canada Day

Tenzin meets Gecko at the Canada Party. Gecko admits, he's only 1/4 Canadian.
Look at those eyes! Now you know how he got it in the first place!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Teething Sucks!

I think I'll make Tenzin a shirt that says "teething sucks!" It really does. Poor little guy has been miserable a lot today. Finally fell asleep at 10... I'm exhausted. We actually had a pretty good day considering. Tenzin had the longest attention span he has had yet for coloring, then he had to test the crayon on a few other surfaces too.. I love to see him experimenting. He'll take magnets all over the house to check what they'll stick to. His age is a lot of fun, he just soaks everything up! He loves to say our blessing before we eat, since we hold hands he wants to keep joining hands throughout the meal. He has also decided to call me "MAH" he was calling me "Mamma" for a long time, and actually there was a time when he called us both "Pappa" now it's "MAH!" He does keep me laughing.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Our Beautiful Day

Today was a lovely day. We blew bubbles, and sprayed each other with the hose (Tenzin thought it was hilarious to see me running!) We sang, played games, built a fort. Tenzin ate well and slept well, it was just a perfect day. Tonight just when before Pappa took Tenzin for his evening walk I blew a kiss to Tenzin and he blew one back!!! The kiss even made a smack on his hand. Up until now a kiss was really just an open mouth smooshed against your face. It was really the sweetest thing. Tenzin has two more molars that are just about through, he isn't getting much of a break in the teething department, poor guy. After this he has one more lateral incisor, 4 more molars in a few months, and then nothing until his 2 year molars, then not again until he's 6... Ok, there are still a lot of teeth to go... I feel for him, teething looks painful!
Tenzin's finally asleep.... I'm headin to bed myself Good night

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Looking back

You asked for it, here it is!!! Since I didn't start my blog from the very beginning it's missing a few essentials, first of all, my huge belly. Now, who doesn't want to admire that everyday?? Then there are Tenzin's early days. Ok, it's true I'm not just doing this JUST for you... I miss my little baby.... Tenzin is getting so big!! So, since there are no blogging rules, lets go back to my blissful belly days on the beach, and back to the days when Tenzin layed there staring at me with those big blue eyes all day. Don't worry, tomorrow we'll be back to doing summersaults, and pulling up the flowers.