Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Arrrr, the pirate party! It was a lot of fun it was! We be diggin' for buried treasure, and drinkin' grogg we be. Ok, I'm not very good at speaking pirate.... Today is actually international talk like a pirate day. Of course our friends went nuts with it and had a flag, buried treasure, and even down to pirate panties! We had a great party, although a little sad since it was our last party with our friends.... We want to thank all the people in these pictures for making Hawaii awesome. You were truly extended family, and the best aunties and uncles Tenzin could ask for. You witnessed a round belly transform into a now running and talking little boy! Thanks for always being so good to us. We love you, and will miss you.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Just like Pappa!

My Sunshine

A day in the life of Tenzin Kai...

Tenzin has mastered the baby gate... now what???!!!!

how did he get so funny??!!!

A parting shot if I've ever seen one!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Aloha Farewell........

At the end of September we will be moving back to the mainland. We are feeling really good about the move, although it will be hard to leave Hawaii. Tenzin was born in this house, and has lived here his whole life! We are really feeling the need to be closer to family now more than ever. We are considering Vashon Island in Washington. It's a 15 minute ferry ride to Seattle, and when you're there you feel like you're in the country. "So close, yet so far away" is their slogan. We are going on intuition rather than a job offer, which some people may find unsettling. I guess we are used to flying by the seat of our pants. I have to say that there may be something to my intuition though, shortly after we decided that we wanted to move, I spoke to some people I knew from Washington and told them my plan to start a waldorf preschool on Vashon, and they said that there was a woman that was doing a waldorf type program, but just retired! So there is a demand. We picked Vashon Island for the quality of life and somewhat halfway point between our families. We also like that we can easily access Seattle, yet we don't have to live in it. We do realise that we must be crazy for leaving Hawaii for the soon to be winter on the mainland....
Tenzin is growing SO much, he will be 17 months in a few days!!! He is saying many words now, and is always imitating us. He is having a great time with the twins. Strangely enough, they are also moving to Seattle at the end of the month!!!!! When they told me I was relieved that I didn't have to tell them I was leaving!!! This works out great for everyone involved, We are going to share a shipping container with them, we'll have a garage sale together, and Tenzin will still be able to see his girlfriends!!!!!! It's just too coincidental.............
We did end up getting the job in the south pacific, but I just don't feel like it's the right thing to do right now. We are keeping it as our back up plan if somehow things don't pan out otherwise. We were so excited about it, but we are feeling like family is more important than money.... or sun...... : )
So, now I have 24 days to pack out lives up... There may not be many updates for a while.
Sending heaps of love to everyone,
See you on the flip side.