Saturday, May 06, 2006

The amazing Tenzin Kai

Dear Tenzin,
you are doing amazing things these days. You are now 13 months old!!!
Today for the first time you said "baby" and were very proud of yourself. You pooped and peed on the potty today- and you have been going to the potty most of the time, which is just amazing! The other day you were on the change table and I said. "soon pappa will be home" then you said "pappa"
"We'll have to go watch for his car." I said then you said "bbbbrrruuuummmmmm"
Then you made the sign for pain, and I said "where does it hurt?" then you pointed to where your tooth was coming in. We had a whole conversation!
You have been doing a lot of yoga, and are very good at downward dog, and cobra. You have also started to climb anything you can. Last night we went to a cinco de mayo party and you played ball with everyone. When we were ready to go you were covered in mud from head to toe!
Your favorite book right now is "where the wild things are" -We'll eat you up we love you so!! As soon as we start reading you you start growling like a monster. You sit through the whole thing, which means you REALLY like it!!! Pappa and I think that you should be max for halloween, and we could be wild things.
You are still loving cheese, and peas. Yesterday we went out for uncle mick's birthday lunch and you had your own meal off the kids menu. You even had apple juice with a straw and took care of it very well.
You are getting so big, so fast.
Gotta run, you call.

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