Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sad News

Tai has gone to California to help his family out since their house burned down... :(
It is so devastating. I wish there was more we could do, but I think Tai can help them out quite a bit in two weeks. He said they have put up sheds and are salvaging some things now.
I wish Tenzin and I could go too, but I know we would take more energy than provide help.
I'm glad that Barbara and Richard came to Hawaii for vacation, they have a lot of hard work ahead of them. Tenzin misses Pappa, and asks for him a a lot. He sees pictures of him on our computer slide show and gets so excited, "PAPPA!!!" Tenzin is being really good for me though, and seems to be understanding of the situation. Madeline and Genevieve are doing great now, and have had a break through! They play happily, and are getting pretty comfortable here. Tenzin loves playing with them, and they all get along better than I could have hoped. Tenzin is also doing much better if one of them is distressed. When I used to take care of Xavier, he would cry if Xavier cried, but now he just goes on playing. It's much easier now to take care of other little ones. Tenzin is really sweet to them and takes them their blankies, sippy cups and tries to feed them snacks. It's pretty cute! I've got some great pictures that I will put up as soon as I have the energy...
Katie left for Canada today, she'll be there for a few months. We had a little thing for her on the beach for her tonight. Tenzin found some briquettes in the sand and instantly had black hands and black streaks on his face...
Well, I'm off to finish cleaning up the house. I need to be a little more efficient with my time since I can't ask Tai to watch Tenzin while I shower or do the laundry...
We're doing pretty well- but we miss you Tai!
Goodnight Noon!

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