Friday, November 17, 2006

Ulla got her Vash- ON!!

Don't ask me what this means, one of my forum friends said that I remind her of a commercial. I said "I don't have a TV, but it sounds good!" We both have 19 month olds, and talk toddler story. It's a blast I have to say! Tenzin is in a very delightful age. Demanding, but delightful!
He likes to say "MAMMA" 500 times in a row. He also does seriously cute things- ok, we were in a yarn shop and in the kids toy box was a stethoscope, so I put it in his ears, and on my heart- guess what he does???
He starts to Dance! This little guy cracks me up!
He just got a cold today : (
So- Things are going well for us I think. We are slowly but surely getting things together, and we believe that it can be done. Honestly, if you want to ask my opinion, I would advise against moving or starting a business, or anything that takes a lot of time when you have a toddler. The thing is, when considering things like when to have a baby, or start a business, or have a second baby, please remember the wise words from Dr. Hochwald "It's never a good time" It always makes me feel better : )
Sometimes you just have to jump in. This all feels a little crazy at times, but we're doing it for Tenzin. He's happy to have his Mamma and his Pappa around all the time. It feels like the right thing. Truthfully, Tenzin could easily be both of our full time jobs!
Tai just went and picked up a bunch of free stuff I "won" on craigsist. a table and chairs, new futon and frame, and a beautiful IKEA coffee table I have always wanted. such a score!
You have to love Washinton and all of it's friendly people always giving away free stuff. We also have the best thrift store in the whole world on this island. Good thrift store comes right behind nice people in what to look for in a town! I've found roving, amazing toys (just found Tenzin a little wooden radio flyer bike!) Tai has found something for each of his hobbies, which has turned him into a granny's addict as well. A pair of scuba pro fins, K2 bindings, and a whole bag of warhammer models -YES! (you know how excited I was!) They are only open 3 days a week, and it really is the community center. All the kids are playing in the toy section, everyone is standing around chatting. Also, I guess it's really the only store that has normal stuff. Pretty much there is grocery stores, and hardware stores, and a few specialty stores. If you want a shelf, it's the only place to go.
So here are some pics of our house, and the beautiful (albeit different) Beaches and Sunsets.
Thanks for taking time to read my blog. Good night.

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