Monday, January 07, 2008

8-8-8 Due Date!

I just had my first appointment with my midwife- My due date is 08/08/08!
Of course babies don't usually appear when they do on the calendar, but it is still a fun date!
We didn't hear a heartbeat, but it's still early to hear- everyone says in a couple of weeks we can probably hear it! I go back in 3 weeks.
Sorry about my bad blogging skills- I promise I'll get better and keep everyone up to date with my pregnancy.
Tenzin is doing great, and is always happy, singing and saying nursery rhymes. He is bubbling over with toddler energy and joy.
We had a great vacation in Canada. The highlights for Tenzin were presents of course! Building a snowman, GT snow racing- ice skating and sitting on a snowmobile! He had a GREAT time hanging out with family, and spent a lot of time enjoying everyone. Thanks everyone in Canada for making our trip fun!

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