Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We're going to miss Pappa..


Pappa is leaving for Asia a week from today...
We're going to miss him!

You might also think I'm crazy for letting him leave with a little baby, a wild toddler, and a school to manage. I guess I just think it's the trip of a lifetime. His dad is leading a meditation group to Tibet where they will do a pilgrimage around Mt. Kailash. It might also be the last chance for him and his dad to travel in Asia together. Tai's best memories are living in Nepal and trekking in the himilayas with his dad. Now he has a chance to revisit those memories. How could he not go?

I would also like to believe that if given the same opportunity he we let me go. While we're on the subject- it will be Europe two years from now!
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