Sunday, October 12, 2008

When Tenzin grows up...

He wants to be an air traffic controller. He first told Tai and I this when he about two and a half. He said he was going to work in the control tower with his dog. Tai and I were not allowed to come up the control tower. His ideas have evolved over the last year. He still wants to be an air traffic controller but now he has decided that he wants a puppy (not a dog!) and Tai, Myla and I will all get to have walkie talkies so that we "will be connected" as Tenzin says. This is all pretty entertaining. Tenzin decided this because we drive by seatac airport pretty frequently and Tenzin asked who gets to be up in the tower. After a lot of questions he has decided (for now) that this will be his career path. He is already asking how he can learn to be an air traffic controller! OK, he's 3, so I told him he will have to go to air traffic controller school. He had an excited laugh about that. He also wants to be a chef on the side... Today he made another masterpiece "cracker ice cream!" Take a grater and grate crackers with ice cubes. "SO yummy!"

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