Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Travis Family’s world in four minutes 2008

When Tai is not playing monkey house with Tenzin he is studying web design. He’s getting pretty good too! He has a new site called If you look on his site you will see that one of his main reasons for doing web design is to keep up with all of his wife’s crazy business ideas. Yes, it’s true... we now have 3 businesses! Tai also had a grand adventure to Tibet with his Dad this year (lucky!) He also welcomed his daughter into the world and is absolutely in love.

Keri is always busy and always coming up with new schemes. The second year of running the preschool went much smoother for her. Seeing as things were a little too easy she decided to start another business called Violet Sprout (lovely things for children) The store is now open downtown! The most anticipated event of 2008 was giving birth to her beautiful girl Myla Joy. Everything went so well she still can’t believe it! Keri is very much enjoying her family and currently coming up with a new scheme... stay tuned....

This year Tenzin has decided to change his name to Tractor and has finally figured out what a tantrum is. He is still very passionate about becoming an air traffic controller but conflicted about next year’s Halloween costume. Being three and a half isn’t easy. He loves his baby more than anything else in the world and being a big brother is a job he takes very seriously. He continues to love everything in the sky, everything in the ocean and sushi with wasabi and pickled ginger. He has a bunny he calls Sandy Sand, a Siamese fighting fish he named Suki, and 2 salamanders. He has many friends and wishes there was school every day.

Myla is a wonder baby and every day we wonder how we got so lucky! She will be five months old on Christmas eve and has caught up with her brother in the big baby department. She also got her Mamma’s long legs and is outgrowing 12-18 month clothing already! There has been a few laughs, one roll over, but mostly she is just content to look at us and smile. This Christmas Myla wishes she could donate some cheek to other babies that are less fortunate.
Our family will be at home on Vashon island this Christmas having a cozy time and hoping for a few flakes of snow. We hope this letter finds you cozy too.

We are sending love and hugs!

Keri, Tai, Tenzin + Myla

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