Thursday, January 29, 2009


ooooo I'm going to be 29 this Saturday! I'm going to Vancouver for my BD to hang out with Les and Mark who will be having a Chinese New Year party. I'm taking Myla of course. Tai and Tenzin will be staying home to have a "boys weekend" They are planning on baking a cake and making a toilet paper roll rocket ship.

Also on the news front- We have decided to make the move this summer to Whidbey Island. Lots of tossing ideas around (for months!) sorry to those of you that had to hear 1000 ideas before hand...
We are sad to leave blueberry pond, but excited about what lies ahead! Whidbey is north of seattle (we are south now) so it's not too far. There is a waldorf school, cheaper housing, slightly bigger community. We're excited! Not so far we can't still see our friends here and in Canada. So, new chapter for the Travis family once again!
I'll be home from Van on Sunday. Love to all!

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