Thursday, December 08, 2005

Laughing at the moon

Tenzin has been laughing at the moon the last few nights.
His top tooth cut through, so we are sleeping much better now :) Tonight we had the Christmas party with Tai's company, it was fun and we got a hammock in the gift exchange. It will be great for swinging with Tenzin.
We just got an e mail from our good friend Nyima who is a Tibetan and former monk. I tutored him for two months when we lived in Dharamsala. He took me to the Dalai Lams's office to get Tenzin's name. Well, he and his girlfriend just had a baby daugher and her name is Tenzin too!! They were both born in 2005, it just seems really special. I'm going to send them some things, and some money since they have very little.
I have been so happy all day thinking of a little baby girl with the same name so far away. I hope Tenzin and Tenzin can meet someday.
We will be leaving on our trip next weekend!! I wanted to send this picture of Tenzin along with a "Merry Christmas!" Just incase some of you don't get your card in time... And for Auntie Pema and Grandpa & Grandma that are off having amazing adventures in Asia. WE LOVE YOU!!
For our loved ones near and far, Laugh at the moon, we'll be laughing at the same one.
Sending you lots of love, and peace all year long.
Keri, Tai and Tenzin*

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les said...

I'm glad to hear that Tenzin will sleep better now. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks hopefully!