Sunday, December 11, 2005

Little Nipper

Tenzin got his 6th tooth today, now he has four on the top, two on the bottom. The space was nice, because when he would bite me, the nipple would have a little way out. I'm *hoping* that now that the teeth are in, there will be no need for nipping :)
Well, Tenzin did get his two front teeth for Christmas, although he can't say Merry Chrisssmas yet, He is learning how to kiss. (very important since everyone in Hawaii does the cheek kiss) He just grabs your by the ears and smashes his face into your cheek for a few seconds. It's very sweet. If he really loves you he'll do the cheek lick, or try to suck your entire cheek into his mouth.
I don't have to wonder what the meaning of life is anymore. This is it.

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