Thursday, February 09, 2006


It is a VERY blustery morning, my laundry and prayer flags are all twisted up in knots.
The other day Katie and I were garage sailing and I told Katie we should stock up on provisions, perhaps a hurricane was coming. I asked an old local if she thought a hurricane was coming and she said "NO, heavens no!!" so it's not as dramatic as I had imagined.
Tenzin got his first pet! It's a candy cane shrimp named Jumbo (what else would you name a shrimp?) . He has red and white stripes and big eyes. He's pretty cute. We'll get more in the aquarium as more creatures end up in the filter at Tai's work.
I quit my job taking care of Xavier- it's too bad, I really wanted it to work out, Tenzin just needs so much of my attention right now, I felt like I was ripping them both off a little bit. It's hard when you have a job involving children, because you get attached to them, it becomes very personal, it's hard to end it because it's like you are ending a friendship. I am sad in a way, but I also know that I need to do what I feel is best for my child, it will come up again and again in life.
Tenzin has been amazing lately. He copies games, like if I am playing peekaboo from behind a corner, he will go and do the same thing. He is also scaling vertical surfaces which is making me a little nervous...
He still loves anything with wheels, and his favorite game is to push this wooden train of wheels around making a "brrrrrmmmmmmmm" sound. Right now he's found the mirror and is just admiring his cute self.
These are the days.

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