Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter!

Tenzin LOVES his bunny Ruby. He is always snuggling and kissing her. It's too cute really.
Tomorrow I will hide his easter eggs in our yard. He has been playing easter for a while now. Hiding eggs and finding them again.
Tenzin has another cold, and it seems he is catching up from all the time he wasn't sick in Hawaii...
Tenzin's new favorite thing is the wild peacocks we have around here. He does peacock calls to them, and we here them calling back. Every night he talks about peacocks nonstop. Last night Tai said the peacocks were sleeping. Then Tenzin said the next morning that the peacocks were shopping. He is so funny right now!
I asked him if he remembered when he was in my tummy. He said "Yup. Toys in there, fire trucks in there. Horse in there." I know my belly was big, but not that big! He cracks me up.
When my sister and her boyfriend were here they showed him their tongue rings and Tenzin said "uncle Ron two balls in mouth" Then he said it 20 more times. oh my gosh. Where did this funny child come from?

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