Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What's going on

Things are going well. Spring is here, which means more outside time for our rambunctious boys. Our school is growing all the time, and it looks like we will definitely be full this fall. Yay!

Tenzin is wonderful and becoming more of a little boy all the time. He sleeps in his bed until morning, which has really changed my life. Sleeping a full night, I haven't done that in years! (almost 3 actually) I was pregnant and peeing all night, then I had a newborn, and then a co-sleeping/breastfeeding toddler. whew. Ahhh sleep is good!

We have applied to be involved in a project to build our own house. They will be "green" houses:
"Low Impact Development (LID) is an ecologically friendly approach to land development, designed to reduce impacts on watersheds and other aquatic resources. LID is based on the premise that nature knows best: rather than collecting and transporting stormwater off site through piping systems, nature - and low impact development - relies on native vegetation, landscaping and small-scale hydrologic controls to capture, treat and infiltrate stormwater. LID also reduces the amount of impervious surface on development sites, thus reducing the amount of runoff actually leaving a site. The demonstration projects authorized in this ordinance also will feature Built Green construction principles, which emphasize recycled materials, energy efficiency, natural habitat protection, and other environmentally friendly construction practices."
Everyone involved will help build all of the houses. There will be 14 houses on 6 acres. It won't start until next year, which is good. Hope we get it! We would have to work on the house 35 hrs/week. But if we only did 16 hours of school, we could both take turns working on the house. ( I know- ME build a house... oh gosh....) They have carpenters there to guide you. Or I could just show up for the painting part. You can also have your friends and family volunteer too.

We have to make under $57k to qualify for the house though, so it looks like we will only be able to work 4 days next year. darn it. : ) I'm hoping to have 11 kids 4 days a week. For some reason no one wants Friday. We would have a 3 day weekend every weekend and also have lots of vacation time. It's my dream come true! Tai also wouldn't be able to drive bus anymore, which would be nice actually. He really likes it, but by the end of the day it feels like a lot. It's maybe hard to justify making less money to qualify for these houses, but we really can't afford a regular house here. These houses will be a little over $200k, and we can get a loan from the federal gov. for 1%. That makes it worth it. A home here that is not a fixer is at least 500k. Interest makes it impossible.
So, it may be a good option for us.

Planning life is difficult. We're having a hard time deciding when to have a second child. There is a financial/planning/business balance that doesn't really work together too well.

I'm starting up with my rowing this weekend. I'm really excited that I finally have time to do something recreational. For now I will just row rec, since I don't want to go to races off island right now. Can't wait!

Tenzin will be up from his nap any minute. Time to make a snack.

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