Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Birth Story

We stayed in Seattle for 5 days for a little trial run (false labor) I had contractions all night, and a long period of having contractions 3 minutes apart. Even my midwife thought I would have the baby that night... Both Grandma's came down and we hung out in Seattle patiently waiting.... No baby arrived, and I stopped having contractions so Grammy Bee flew home and we went back to Vashon with Nana Joy. We spent two days getting as much done as possible knowing that the baby should be on the way soon. I even got to finish the blanket I had been wanting to make. I had a few contractions in the early morning of the 24th, and by morning they were more regular. I showered and got last minute things together. We woke up Tenzin and Nana and told them we needed to go to the birth center. We caught the 7:15 ferry. There was an ambulance behind us so they gave me oxygen (which seemed unnecessary...) I had mild contractions on the drive there, but the bumps in the road made it a little harder. We arrived at the birth center around 8:30 am and my contractions were still pretty comfortable. Nana took Tenzin and Tai stayed with me. I got settled in and tried to have a bath. This seemed to make things more difficult, so I labored mostly reclined on a sofa. I started to feel a lot of pressure and asked the midwife to check me. She said I was 10 cm, and my bag of water was bulging. I was in a lot of pain and asked if they could break my water and get things going. Just as they were going to get the instrument my water suddenly broke. Things went quickly after that, It was maybe 10 pushes and I was holding my precious baby girl! It was a blissful birth and Myla is beautiful and perfect. Myla and I came out pretty unscathed, Tai received only minor damage to his hand where I dislocated his finger during some hard pushing near the end. Nana and Tenzin came in right after Myla was born. Tenzin is ecstatic to have a new baby sister and named her Pookie Star. He is still wondering why other people call her Myla...? He can't stop kissing her and calls her his baby. It's pretty sweet!
We left the birth center 4 hours later and Myla was welcomed by Grammy Bee, Tutu, Auntie Leslie, Uncle Mark and Grandpa Richard flew in the next day. We were lucky to have Leslie and Mark to take pictures of Myla so soon after birth. Thank you Les and Mark! A big thanks to Grammy Bee and Grandpa Richard for their help and support. Another big thanks to Nana Joy and Tutu for their help and support. We could not have done it without all of your help. Thanks to all of the grandparents for helping us with Tenzin!!!!
(and for all the help with cooking, cleaning, laundry, getting supplies, the list goes on!)
Myla will be a week old tomorrow, and so far has been a very mellow and sweet baby.
We feel very blessed!

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Heather Ford said...

What a wonderful birth story. A little different from mine...
The pictures are all so beautiful. Congrats again.