Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blooger at 4 am

We have been having a lovely summer! Still busy getting ready for our baby bean, and enjoying our time with our sweet Peanut Butter Pie. Tai has been doing a little bit of work helping his friend with construction. Tenzin went to a 3 day summer camp! My friend Christine who is also a waldorf teacher took him for free since she knows we're strapped this summer. He had a great time seeing all of his friends again, and I got to see what it was like on the other side! (being a drop off and pick up mama instead of the teacher!) Here are some pictures from our trip to Eugene with Gramy Bee and Grandpa Richard. We had a nice time at a hotel on the Willamette river. We honored Great Grammy and visited her graveside. As soon as we got finished with school we went camping. I promised Tenzin I would take him (otherwise I will have to say that camping while being so pregnant is NOT a good idea!) We just went for 2 days. I got eaten alive by mosquitoes, but Tenzin had a blast with having a campfire and playing on the beach long days. We just had a string of guests: My friends Maile and Brian, My Mom, John and Debra, my friends Les and Mark came for 4th of July. Then Dad, Sue and GG, and Sasha is leaving today! We have been getting some extra date nights with our friends and family watching Tenzin which has been really nice (and much needed, since it will be a while before we go out alone again!) We stayed at a hotel with my Dad, Sue and Grandma in Seattle and it was really fun. We got to walk around the city which seemed to be the best way with a toddler and a GG in a wheelchair. Tenzin got to go up the space needle and play around at Seattle Center. I got to take Grandma to a stamping store for her birthday and we even made a few cards. It has been great seeing everyone, and Tenzin keeps saying "who's coming next?" When he asked me yesterday I said "The Baby!" then we had the conversation about the fact that she will live with us forever, and that made him really happy. He knows she's coming soon, because we told him she would come around when the blueberries on our land are ripe. They are getting ripe now!
I've been having contractions on and off, and the other day when Sasha and I were taking the bus I was having a lot! In one of my books it suggests rocking in the rocking chair to expedite labor. I guess riding in a bumpy bus, and speeding over speed bumps has the same effect. I will go to see my midwife today. I guess I'm going to have to start going once a week now.
I will have my blessing way on Monday at a tea shop. It has been seemingly difficult to coordinate a gathering in the summer since so many people go away on weekends. Also, so many of my best friends are scattered around. It has been changed 3 times. I keep hoping it will happen before the baby is born!
I will wish for a faster labor this time (just not too fast.. I want to make it to the birth center!) We also hope that both of our Moms can make it for the birth. This may be asking a lot, but also for Les to make it to photograph the birth as well. If you are too far away to be here please light a candle for me and wish me a joyful uncomplicated birth!
Soon to be 4!
Lots of love,

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