Sunday, November 30, 2008

I love my baby


Tenzin continues to be a very sweet big brother to Myla. We have yet to see any sort of dislike towards the baby which we are so thankful for! This morning while Tai and I were attempting to sleep Tenzin was entertaining Myla on the other side of the bed and running his 3.5 year old commentary which seems to never end sometimes. This is what I overheard in my groggyness:
"Here baby, here's your toy. Oh, I think I heard a little clank baby, I think you have a toof! Oh, you're so cute I think I should take a picture of you. You're such a sweet baby!" and it went on and on. CUTE!
Tenzin is personally driving Tai and I crazy right now so the fact that he is super sweet to the baby really helps.

We just put up Tenzin's mini Christmas tree in his room today, and he is VERY excited to have blinking lights on it! (with a little controller) THANKS NANA!
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