Saturday, November 08, 2008

The mushroom and the snail!

So I managed to pull together Tenzin's request for an orange snail costume (Can't wait to hear what I have to make next year!) I also made Myla a cute little mushroom hat. On Halloween we went to town for the usual photo and to see our friends in costume. Then we went to help with a kids trick or treat trail where I was mother earth in a little forest vignette. (see photo with me nursing the mushroom baby)
This is also me and Tai's 8th anniversary (since we met) WOW! Time does fly!
Myla is really working on rolling over now and she had her first laugh! She laughed when Tai asked her to jump right over from my arms to his. She is a very happy and easy baby. She is even sleeping though the night now! We have a busy few months ahead with lots going on at school. Tai is back in the preschool with me now since it seems we have a wonder baby! Tai has Myla in the carrier at school, and she is very content.
Tenzin's calling me to read a book, must be off!

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