Monday, November 14, 2005

Blog for me Mamma

I never liked Blogs, who reads other peoples blogs...? I guess after having a baby I do a lot of things I never fancied before. Here's two pictures Pappa took without us knowing! We both fell asleep after a painful teething session, the other we were about to take a family photo and pappa was setting up the tripod. sneaky.
I figured I had better get writing, everything is happening SO FAST for Tenzin right now. He started crawling, then he started crawling super speed, and he's now standing up- all within two weeks!!! My little unscathed dumpling is now bumping his head and eating poisonous plants. Tai said the other day "remember when he would just lay there?"
Tenzin, you are amazing. There is nothing better. For You I will do anything, even blog.


les said...

Hi Keri! Nice cute blog. You can call it a journal if it makes you feel better (that's what I call mine, because I dont like the word blog). Nice pics, very Hawaii style!

Sue said...

I love the new pictures. They really get to your dad, too. We were able to print some of them for the album I'm making for him for Christmas, I hope. Love you, GG