Saturday, November 26, 2005

Funny Baby

Tenzin is taking his nap, I should be too.... I haven't been sleeping much, and I do whatever I can at night to keep Tenzin quiet so that Tai can sleep (which means NOT putting Tenzin in his cot where he will scream.) So many people are telling me to let him "cry it out" and he'll learn to sleep by himself. That isn't working for us. One father said, I know you don't want to hear your baby cry, but if you don't get sleep you can't be the best parent the next day. It's very true.
I am hoping his night restlessness is just associated with his last front tooth, which has kept him up the the past.
My brother Mick is arriving today, to stay. Now Tenzin will have his auntie and uncle here. Mick's excited, it will be his first time to Hawaii, his first time in the tropics, and actually his first time anywhere. He's going to love it! We're off soon to throw him a welcome party at the beach, I made pineapple shrimp cabobs. Should be fun.
Here's some pics of Tenzin being his funny self!

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