Friday, November 18, 2005

Getting ready for Christmas

Well, it's that time again. But for Tenzin it's the first time! We are SO happy that we'll be going to Canada for Tenzin's first Christmas, so he can play in the snow! I'm a little concerned about the clothes issue though.... He doesn't like to put on a t-shirt, I wonder how he'll do with a few layers and and snowsuit, and mittens, and a hat.... He won't really have time to get used to the cold either.
Even though I don't like all of the manditory holiday related consumerism, I just really like giving people gifts!! I'm getting all my packages that need to be sent together, and really love to do it. I think I'm going to get Tai a surfboard for Christmas since I guy we know is moving back to Australia and selling one.
Tenzin and I have been taking care of another baby 16 hrs. a week. His name is Xavier and he's 2 months old. It's starting to go a little better, and Tenzin is getting used to having him around. Having two little ones is quite the job, but sometimes they both sleep too.
Lately Tenzin has been waking up at 5 am, so I am feeling pretty tired by 8 at night.
Well, I guess I'm off to bed.

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Sue said...

You know how your dad won't leave the house if anyone is wearing something even close to what he has on. I can see it now matching outfits for Grandpa & Tenzin...yup..that'll do it...matching Christmas outfits for the look-a-likes