Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy New Year!

Tenzin is nine months old now. only 3 months until he turns one!!! He is walking while pushing a box, and stands for second, before lowering himself gracefully.
We had a wonderful Christmas with our Canadian family, and will be in Canada one more week before we return to our nice warm home :)
Tenzin decided that it was his first New Year, he was going to stay up for it. He NEVER stays up that late!! He even had a cup and did a cheers with everyone else. He was such a little man!
He has been waking a LOT at night, 3-4 times before midnight.... ;/ sleepy me....
It's now very late, but I find this is really the only time I have left for myself, and we sleep in every morning.
Guess I better go snuggle in.

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