Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Home again

We're HOME!! (and we just got our computer back...) Christmas in Canada was SO fantastic! We had lots of time to visit with family and friends. Tenzin had a ball in the snow, and even stayed up to ring in his first new year! We are very happy to be home however. Every time I return to Hawaii I appreciate it even more.
Tenzin has his first cold :( he's pretty congested and has a little cough. Poor little guy. Soon the baby we have been taking care of (Xavier) will be coming to our house. It will be nice not to have to pack Tenzin in the car everyday. Tenzin is now standing for seconds at a time. If he *thinks* he's holding onto something stable, like a spoon in mid air, he has more confidence and stands longer.
We just got his high chair in the mail, so feeding himself won't require the entire household to take a shower afterwards! Tai is assembling it now :) Before we had Tenzin he was sick of assembling things, but now I think he's back to the point of finding it somehow fofilling. The high chair is made in Sweden and it's really beautiful- should be easy to put together.
We have been going to the beach often, and Tenzin is still happy eating sand, and trying to fit pieces of coral into his mouth...
love to you all,

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