Saturday, July 08, 2006

Teething Sucks!

I think I'll make Tenzin a shirt that says "teething sucks!" It really does. Poor little guy has been miserable a lot today. Finally fell asleep at 10... I'm exhausted. We actually had a pretty good day considering. Tenzin had the longest attention span he has had yet for coloring, then he had to test the crayon on a few other surfaces too.. I love to see him experimenting. He'll take magnets all over the house to check what they'll stick to. His age is a lot of fun, he just soaks everything up! He loves to say our blessing before we eat, since we hold hands he wants to keep joining hands throughout the meal. He has also decided to call me "MAH" he was calling me "Mamma" for a long time, and actually there was a time when he called us both "Pappa" now it's "MAH!" He does keep me laughing.

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