Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sleepy post

I'm really tired, but I had to post Tenzin's new excited face. He does the face mostly for big trucks, in this instance it's the sugar cane train. We took a ride on it and he made the face most of the time until he fell asleep. It cracks me up! He is SUCH a character. Tonight he broke his Pappa's nose for the third time, this time it was really bad, and it bled. He fell on my nose this morning too, it's when he falls backwards, and his head goes slamming into your nose. pain.
Tomorrow is Canada day, and as usual that means the biggest party of the year! We have a lot of Canadian friends (and American ones that are allowed to come if they bring enough alcohol for all the Canadians) Last year we were in Canada for Canada day. There's a lot more going on over here!! :) I'm going to make Nanaimo bars. We try have mostly canadian food. So pretty much it'll be bacon, doughnuts, and poutine all smothered in maple syrup. yummy. It's got to be the most fat and calories you can pack into a mouthful Eh? looking forward to it. We have fire crackers and sparklers we have ready for Turtle independance day (on the 4th we release a bunch of sea turtles to the wild) So we'll have some for Canada day too. Tenzin will LOVE it!!! Have a good long weekend no matter where you are in North America. Please eat a maple doughnut for me.

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