Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Turtle independance day

The turtles are free! Happy 4th of July. Tenzin is washing the car, and spraying Pappa. We just had some pancakes, and I guess we're off to have a rubber ducky race and watch some hula. We'll try to stay for the fireworks, since I know Tenzin will love it.
We are going to enter a lottery for a condo (there is about a 1 in 2 chance of winning, apparently...) We'll just enter so we don't regret it later, but we don't really know if we want to live in a condo, but it's close to Tai's work and about $300 K less than everything else!!! There are income requirements and other rules, but we do qualify having a family of 3 on one income. It's debatable, maybe we are better off just renting...? We are looking into buying a house for 550K, which seems totally insane... I could start my little preschool in it though, so it could be worth it. what should we do... HELP!!! Paradise Tax, it's painful.

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