Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Gathering Place

We just took a little weekend trip to Honolulu. It is amazingly easy to travel with only day packs, a fold up stroller and no carseat. We took the bus, and it was great! We went to China Town right away for breakfast and quickly noticed that we were the only haole's in sight. When we sat down in the court yard everyone stopped talking and looked at us:) We had fun walking around china town, and Tenzin got one of those Russian nesting dolls. He's into containers of all kinds, so he loved this toy. We went shopping, out for all you can eat Sushi, Walked around Waikiki, which is such a different world from the rest of Hawaii. We played at parks and ran around on the beach. We also took Tenzin to the zoo. I'm not really into zoos, but Tenzin really loved it. His favorite part was the monkeys!

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