Friday, July 07, 2006

Our Beautiful Day

Today was a lovely day. We blew bubbles, and sprayed each other with the hose (Tenzin thought it was hilarious to see me running!) We sang, played games, built a fort. Tenzin ate well and slept well, it was just a perfect day. Tonight just when before Pappa took Tenzin for his evening walk I blew a kiss to Tenzin and he blew one back!!! The kiss even made a smack on his hand. Up until now a kiss was really just an open mouth smooshed against your face. It was really the sweetest thing. Tenzin has two more molars that are just about through, he isn't getting much of a break in the teething department, poor guy. After this he has one more lateral incisor, 4 more molars in a few months, and then nothing until his 2 year molars, then not again until he's 6... Ok, there are still a lot of teeth to go... I feel for him, teething looks painful!
Tenzin's finally asleep.... I'm headin to bed myself Good night

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