Thursday, July 27, 2006

10 words

Tenzin can now say 10 words:
Mamma (or Mah)
Yah (he says this with a sigh when he agrees)
Pee Pee
? there's another one.... It's almost 1am.....

Sounds for:

We had an interview today for a job taking care of 17 mo old twin girls, Tenzin is pretty happy about the possibility of having two girls his age to play with! They were born 2 mo. premature, so they should have been born in April too. Tenzin is a giant compared with them, but he was an 11 lb. baby, and they were only 3 lbs each. He was almost 4 times as big!!!! Can you imagine?
They are very sweet, it would be a great match for both of us since they live close, and the mum needs around 16 hrs a week since she works from home. I hope we didn't loose any points when Tenzin threw his maracca and hit the lady between the eyes.... It was pretty bad... I saw it in slow motion. thankfully he kissed her afterwards, whew.

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